Audi Coupe 80 B4 S2 RS2 Sunroof Switch Cover Light 895877829A REPAIR KIT

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Item name: Audi Coupe B4 sunroof light switch unit repair kit. 3 NEW holders. 

Suitable for vehicle type: Audi Coupe, 80 B4, 90 B3, S2, RS2, A6, C4, 100, C4.

Part number: -

Condition: NEW. 3D printed. Check photo for more details or contact me. 

Shipping: Item will be dispatched on the next 3 working days for payments cleared. Shipping to Europe takes 7-16 days, depend on your country custom procedures.

Comment: Please use the unique part numbers to check BEFORE buying whether the component really fits your vehicle in order to avoid unwanted returns! Despite specifying the corresponding vehicle data, a clear assignment is only possible using the part number! If you still have any questions, please write to us before buying!