Audi A6 C4 S4 Plus 100 200 C3 Quattro 4A0201075L Fuel Tank Gasoline

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Item name: Audi C4 A6 Quattro fuel tank. 

Offer consists of: Audi C4 A6 Quattro fuel tank. Removed from Audi A6 C4 Quattro. It fits to other Audi Qauttro models too (100 C3, 200 C3, 100 C4...), check part number before buying. It might look a bit different from the photos, because there are few of them for sale, but all of them are fully remanufactured (sandblasted, repaired if needed and painted with high quality anti corrosive paints few times) and are ready to use!

Suitable for vehicle type: Audi Quattro A6 C4, 100 C4, 100 C3, 200, S4 C4, S6 C4, V8 D11.

Part number: 4A0201075L

Condition: Remanufactured. Repaired, sandblasted, painted with primmer filler, then with high quality anti corrosive paints few times. It's fully remanufactured, no holes, no leaks. Ready to use. Check photos or contact with me for more details.

Shipping: Item will be dispatched on the next 3 working days for payments cleared. Shipping to Europe takes 7-16 days, depend on your country custom procedures.

Comment: Please use the unique part numbers to check BEFORE buying whether the component really fits your vehicle in order to avoid unwanted returns! Despite specifying the corresponding vehicle data, a clear assignment is only possible using the part number! If you still have any questions, please write to us before buying!